Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Baby Love

My god, the world has contracted Baby Fever it seems. First we experienced a constant stream of Kim Kardashian's ever expanding baby bump, then her dramatic early labour and to top it off the unusual name choice of North (who are we to question A list celebrity madness?).  Then the whole world waited with baited breath as Princess Kate went into labour, for what seemed like a couple of hours, and produced our nation's newest addition to the Royal clan (thank goodness he has decent parents is all I'll say).  Now we wait for (bet on) the name choice, which is quite limited as 3rd in line to the throne, Im guessing Wayne and Tyler are out of the question?

However, I do love a new baby.  Good job we have our own little one on his way in a few months (Hoorah!). Ever since we found out we're having a baby it seems a new part of our brains has been stimulated; the number of pregnant ladies seemed to triple before our eyes, and suddenly there were baby buggies everywhere.  

Now this could be our own self doing due to all the baby apps, blogs, forums, mailing lists we've signed up to!!  

At first, these all seem so exciting... baby apps to track your baby's growth, forums to discuss all the physical changes you and the 100000000 other women, all pregnant at the same time, are going through (jeez, that's a lot of hormones flying around the globe!!!) But then you start to loathe the apps, the daily dose of baby do's and don'ts, the infinite possibilities to your pregnancy woes, the constant questioning from other Mums to Be and replies from the 'smart arse' Mums who know it all and can't wait to tell you they went through the same, the battle with your inner health guru, and your outer need for anything calorific... and just when you feel you're going to lose your mind and throw away your iPhone you meet your Midwife. Ahhh, like a breath of fresh air!!

Now here is a person who HAS heard it all; she's seen everything, done everything, no woe is too dramatic/silly/embarrassing for her to listen to and answer in a calm, sensible and sensitive way.  Every time I go for my Midwife appointments I come away feeling all warm and fuzzy. She's like a big comfort blanket who makes me feel like I deserve a gold certificate for doing so well.  

I'm not dismissing all the other people around me who always ask how I'm feeling, and tell me how wonderful I look, not to mention my ever supportive boyfriend who has to ride the 'hormonal' rollercoaster alongside me (poor bastard), but there's something about the reassurance you receive from a medical professional that makes you feel calm.  It could be all the tests they run, which assure you baby is doing fine, or simply just quashing any irrational thoughts that have been keeping you awake at night.  Maybe it's the list of contact numbers to call should you need to talk to someone, but overall I think its how serious they take your questions, yet answer with such a gentle 'nothing to worry about' attitude (actually sounds quite oxy-moronic but seems to work).

On that note, I shall finish this post with such an appreciation and immense gratitude for Midwives everywhere, oh and for my boyfriend who puts up with me on a daily basis!