Saturday, 2 February 2013

Powerful positivity

I have just been reading an interesting chapter in a book someone gave to me, about how the unconscious mind cannot process negative thoughts. I am frequently bombarded with Facebook statuses, such as 'think positive and positive things will happen', (in all honesty I'm guilty of posting these myself on a bad day!'), but I didn't actually believe it worked.

I have a few friends who are believers of 'spiritual healing', and another who recently introduced me to Neuro Linguistic Programming (they're both the same to me, except one appeals more to those who need scientific proof).  The theory behind NLP is that you reprogram your brain into thinking in a positive way, this does sound reminiscent of most self-help books except it explains it in such a scientific matter-of-fact way rather than an annoying 'you can do it' kinda way.  The unconscious mind can only process thoughts positively, so if you think negatively, e.g., 'I don't want to be poor' it will focus positively on the 'poor' word and so it becomes 'I want to be poor'. 

It explains why you feel happier and healthier when you surround yourself with positive people, and rid yourself of all those negatives (I find 'unsubscribing' to certain FBers helps!).  At first I felt bad for keeping distance from certain 'energy vamps', but understanding how the mind processes positives and negatives has helped me feel less guilty.  It inspires me to continue my quest for positivity in life, knowing that the power of my thoughts can really change my life (as cheesy as that does sound!) 

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